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Welcome at Dierencrèche At Home

Welcome at Dierencrèche At Home

Welcome to Dierencreche At Home in Hooge Mierde. A beautifull Erea in the very green Kempen and beside the very nice “Landgoed de Utrecht”. Enough place to run and play and take lovely forrestwalks with our guests.

The love for animals, our guests is something that we grown up with. This is very important for us. We love to take care of our guests wenn you can not temporeraly. 365 days of the year we are ready for your pets while you are on vacation, or wenn you are working and you rather lett your sweet dog play with it’s congeners than burden your neighbours.

It is very important that someone with knowledge of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs (or other animals we have forgotten) cares deliberated for your lovely pet.
But equally important is fun, Dierencreche At Home is an resort for vacations  after all.

Since 2003 we are members of DIBEVO. This organization is committed to the small pet industry.
Both advise us well and provide for retraining and for you and for optimal animal life.
We will do everything so that your pet has the meaning as well as possible. Be welcome!





Of course we have thought carefully about our guests what they would like to see there space.     
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Of course we have thought carefully about how our guests would like to see our felinespace classified
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Small Pets

Ook For our smaller pets such as rodents, rabbits, birds and fish, it is important that they look forward to a leisurely.
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Home contact


Dierencrèche At Home   
De Gagel 4B
Hooge Mierde

tel. 013 - 509 17 16
gsm. 06 - 416 27 168
                KvK 17152689              


Maandag t/m Zaterdag
1 1:00-12:00 uur
17:00-18:00 uur
1 1:00-12:00 uur