Before you book with us, you want to be sure that you can leave your roommate with us for a realy good holiday. You are therefore welcome to visit our guest house. We ask you to make an appointment (during the holiday periods it is not possible, we will spend our time on our guests' holiday). We are proud to show you our guest house and you can ask all your questions about us immediately.
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A few things to keep in mind:
• Vaccinations, Your dog, cat and rabbit must have had certain inoculations and you must bring proof (vaccination certificate / passport). This “passport” also remains with us while your animal is with us. (The vaccines that the dog must have are: Parvo, Dog disease, Liver disease, Leptospirose, Para Influenza (these are in the annual cocktail graft) and the Bordetella (kennel cough, you must ask the veterinarian separately).
The inlets that the cat must have are; Kidney disease and cat disease
The graft must be given at least 2 weeks before the guesthouse and may not be older than 1 year. Your vet knows what sows he needs to give your pet when you take these lists. But if you are in doubt, you or your vet can always contact us!)
• Payment, We ask you to make a deposit upon booking, once we have received them, we will send you the reservation confirmation.
• Costs we use for our guests are the following.
The prices for our guests:
Dogs Small dog € 19, - *
 Big dog € 20, - *
 Special dog € 26, 50 *
 Extra large stay € 41.50 * / **
 Day-time € 14,- *
Cats Cats € 12, 50 *
 Special Cat € 15.- *
Prices are per day and incl. VAT and excl. Extra services Prices are calculated including delivery and hayday
• * Prices are subject to change
• ** not possible in July and August
• You will find our terms and conditions on the bottom of this page

! Messages or photos during the holidays: Of course we would like to inform you about how your beloved pet is doing, but because the time we have is scarce, we now have to charge a fee for this if it happens more than once. A one-time text message during the holidays is no problem and also simply free, but after that we charge a fee.

• Own items; To prevent searches of your items such as collars and belts, they will be returned to you. We also do not use baskets and pillows to ensure our hygiene as much as possible.
• Fatigue, after a wonderful vacation, we often hear from owners that our guests are more tired than usual for a few days. Do not worry immediately, your favorite has played a lot and gained (new) impressions so it's not crazy that they are tired after the holidays. And when there have been special events, we will let you know this. If you are concerned, please feel free to contact us.
• Extras that are also possible with us, such as:
- Wash, delicious, do not worry about dirty bathrooms We would like to take care of you.
- Forest walk, an extra walk in the woods, even 1 in 1 time next to the 'normal' play
- Retrieve and bring service, we are very easy to get your home mate home and bring home to him or her again.
- At Home Services, this is the ability for your roommate to take care of home, whether your home is taken care of during your absence (we ensure that the mail is out of sight, the plants get water and mow the grass)
With these possibilities you make it a lot easier.

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