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Of course we have thought carefully about how our guests would like to see our classified feline space. But at the same time the space for us to also work comfortably and above all good pure and hygienic keep his. So come with us stays established.

Our cats guests are provided with all the facilities they possess with their friends at home. Cats are with us jointly housed in one large living room. They not only have a nice play wall and enough space to crawl tasty. But also enough crab capabilities so they can enjoy themselves.

For our guests, we take the opportunity to drink from a water dispenser, good for the cats fresh running water. And of course there is also the thought of what this cat is going too far, we have the "old" tank not yet abolished. There are also more than enough litter boxes, each cat namely likes his own toilet.

All cats can lie back on the wide windowsill to enjoy so much so the sun. And to enjoy their well-deserved rest, we leave out special cat beds comfortable, safe and warm. These beds have houses on them that keep the cats away from all the inconveniences that a cat may change his mind. That means real comfort. That still want every cat though! To fully enjoy this holiday happiness we have also thought of a proper diet. Tasty but with the necessary nutrition. We arrived at Royal Canin® chunks. It is all this and served with lots of holiday love and cuddle a lot. Then, if your cat do not wish for more. Can your cat / tomcat airflow is always negotiable.

Also, our guests can enjoy a delicious outdoor space, this in the form of an outside conservatory. Here they can really enjoy the outdoors, but be safe and protected. So everything is covered, so they can in sun and rain out. And of course they can from here the numerous rabbits and birds that come to admire over. Guests can view it from all different angles, from the tree or lazily from their basket outside also are provided. Also for our guests cats is that when they have a special request, we can certainly look at what opportunities there are extra to make the holiday a fantastic vacation.

At Home Service

Because you are busy during the holidays and enjoy the time together and you do not want to engage in the post, it is much too high and dry grass and plants in the window we want to do this for you.

We take care of your home, so that the post is neatly out of sight, the plants get water right on time, the grass is mowed once during your vacation and get regular water. Also, your cats and small pets stay at home in their familiar surroundings, we also take care of them. All at your home. You need Grandpa and Grandma not to be a burden and you do not have to have that neighbor our wet little country still leaving during your vacation.

We discuss with you beforehand what the needs are, where we can come to meet and the associated costs, so again what you can expect and you can confidently on holiday.

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