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Of course we have thought carefully about our guests what they would like to see there space. At the same time, the area must also be workable for us and especially hygienic and good to keep clean. This is how we established our care.

Because our buildiing is very high and well insulated in the summertime it is nice and cool and in the winter time the warmhth of the underfloor heating ensures directheat to our guests. So the dogs are nice and warm, without being immediately oppressive. We also offer our guests a spacious indoor accomodation and lirge covered outdoor areas. So the dogs can lie dry wenn it rains and in the shade wenn the sun shines.

We also have ideal beds, which allow the coolness of the floor in the summer so that dogs lei nice and cool and in the winter they spead the heat from the underfloor heating througout so the basket is never cold. And in combination with some cosy blankets or pillows the dogs can snuggle up nicely. Although some guests choose to lie on the floor and be able to enjoy the coolness or warmth immediately.

All of the dogstays have a fixed passage with a spacious outdoor area, where everyone can lei down or talk to there neighbors. We also have a large patio where dogs can enjoy some leg stretching and we can play socializing games like grab the ball and pull the rope or just frolic with other dogs.  We provide herewith that each guest can los his or her energy.

And to enjoy al of this we have ensured some flaversome foods. We were looking for a sloid chunck with a tasty aroma and a good flavour. In addition, the natritional values must also be well- balanced. Al of this we found in chuncks of an Privite Label®. Exactly what active dogs need to enjoy there holiday. Ans honestly, wenn there is no good food, we also did not had a full vacation.

If required, we have the ability to add care so your pet peally has a fantastic holiday. Here we think of a nicee wide walk in the forrest or a nice wash or an extra spacious accomodation.
The forrest walk is one of the features that makes your pets stay very pleasant. We're going to the forrest for an hour and a half, where your dog can run and play. Unfortunatly this service is dependent on the weather, in bad weather there will be a wash added (these costs excluding the forrest walk). We do not like to bring back home a dirty dog. 

We also have the ability to care for your dog(s) in an extra spacious stay. We can provide an extra roomy stay, whitch means that our guest(s) have more relaxation room and/or place to play. Which dog doesn't dream to do that?!?

Please let us know What your dog would like extra to make his or her vacation even better, and we will let you know if this is possible. 

At Home Service

Because you are busy during the holiday to enjoy time together and would not like to be concerned with the mail, the plants on the windowsill and the excessively high and dry grass; we would like to unburden herewith.

We take care of your home while you are away, so that the mail is neatly out of sight, the plants get water on time, the grass is mowed and getting the necessary water. Also keep your cats and small pets at home in their familiar surroundings where we will provide for them. All at your own home. You don't need to bother your parrents or grandparents and do not need be afraid that the neighbors will leave our wet little country during your vacation. 

We discuss with you beforehand what the needs are, where we can come to meet and let you know what the costs may be. So you know that you can expect and feel confident on holiday.

This is just a small selection of our VIPcare, the possibilities are endless.

* For all these services the costs come above the normal subsistence and has nothing to do with our Special Care. Special care is for dogs who need to be separately from other guests or that need extra care.

** During the stay of your dog(s) sometimes it happens that your dog is so dirty that we actually want to wash him or her. These costs we calculate it on to you, we seem to think that you do not like to take a dirty dog home. 

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